Dredging instrumentation and visualization

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DredgeMate® is a range of fully adaptable instrumentation, visualization and registration systems designed to enhance the operational and safety performance of any dredging task.  Seatools typically supplies a relatively basic system that can easily be expanded to tackle more demanding dredging control and monitoring tasks. DredgeMate® systems are adaptable to fit all dredger configurations and client-specific operating parameters. Capable of functioning as a stand-alone or fully integrated system, DredgeMate® incorporates C++ coded-software and modern software engineering methodologies to provide fast, 3-D, real-time representation combined with essential survey and dredging data to assist the operator in maximizing dredging efficiency. With operator-defined screen layouts and ergonomic Man Machine Interface technology, DredgeMate® operators have access to precise, real-time information about the position of equipment and the progress of work being undertaken. System functions include the ability to import both survey terrain data and desired dredge profiles (both in 3D), as well as 2D charts and other line information. The system relates survey and dredge profiles to work done and provides the Dredge Master with reliable, continuous monitoring of the area remaining to be dredged.

Key features:

  • Modular design, configurable for specific applications and control and warning functions
  • Stand-alone or integrated system
  • Rugged construction, using high-quality industrial materials
  • Ready for use in severe conditions, including vibration, dirt and humidity
  • Has a wide range of robust industrial sensors available
  • Full 3-D presentation software
  • High brightness screen for optimal readability, even in bright sunlight
  • Ergonomic screens with user-defined windows for optimal insight in operation
  • Flexible interfaces with positioning equipment and survey information
  • Remote access for monitoring and service features
  • Worldwide service, 24/7

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