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Subsea cable andpipeline installation

Solutions for controlled and efficient subsea cable and pipeline installation operations


From accurate monitoring and controls to mission critical installation equipment

Next to our subsea trenching solutions for the burial of submarine cables and pipelines, Seatools offers a broad range of other solutions that also facilitate productive offshore cable and pipeline installation operations. Our cable monitoring and control systems for example, provide real time insight into the cable behavior, shape, and touch down point through which submarine cable laying operations can be performed in a controlled way. In addition to the delivery of bespoke monitoring and control solutions, we also deliver custom engineered components and systems such as subsea cable joints and strain reliefs.

The unique combination between our background in dredging equipment engineering and subsea measurement technologies allows for the development of systems that are both robust and accurate. In addition, we can supply bespoke solutions in a very effective way thanks to our proven standardized subsea technology toolbox, an organizational setup that includes all required engineering disciplines, and our focus on simplicity.

  • Subsea sensor and measurement technology
  • Touch down monitoring and control
  • Advanced control engineering
Value creation
  • Systems based on proven standardized subsea technology toolbox
  • Systems designed for harsh offshore conditions
  • Smart solutions that allow for OPEX reductions
Track record
  • Delivered more than 10 cable and pipeline monitoring and control systems
  • Systems for splash zone to ultra-deep water
  • Autonomous monitoring and control systems

Our subsea technology toolbox – which comprehends subsea sensors and measurement technologies – enables (cost-) effective delivery of bespoke and reliable monitoring & control systems. Are you in need for a tailor-made solution?


  • Systems based on proven standardized subsea technology toolbox

    Effective development of monitoring and controls for subsea cable and pipeline installation operations

    Seatools has a standardized toolbox that contains proven subsea instrumentation technologies like our robust sensor range and taut wire subsea measurement A standardized offering provides you with multiple benefits: short lead times, competitive pricing, and reliable technologies that perform as predicted.

  • Systems designed for harsh offshore and subsea conditions

    Equipment suitbale for harsh operating conditions during submarine cable and pipeline installation

    Our monitoring and controls are designed to be unaffected by the harsh offshore conditions present during installation operations. The unaffectedness for strong tidal currents, limited visibility, mixed zone operations, strong waves and environmental noise allows for uninterrupted offshore installation operations and maximum workability.

  • Smart solutions that allow for OPEX reductions

    Smart solutions for effective subsea cable laying and offshore pipeline installation

    Our cable touch down monitoring system for example allows for accurate monitoring and registration of the cable position and shape. This means the presence of an expensive ROV spread is omitted which means a major OPEX reduction.

Effective development of monitoring and controls for subsea cable and pipeline installation operations

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