Subsea pipeline coating removal tool for protective concrete removal
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Pipeline coatingremoval tool

A versatile pipeline coating removal tool that facilitates effective coating removal operations


Effective and versatile subsea pipeline coating removal

In response to rising demand for effective subsea pipeline repair operations, Seatools developed the Pipeline Coating Removal Tool. During its development process, Seatools explored, developed, and reviewed several concepts, which led to the selection of the final tool’s highly effective design – effectiveness that yields reliable and productive subsea coating removal operations.

The tool’s design and broad applicability contribute to its distinctive character. Without much effort, the Pipeline Coating Removal Tool can be adjusted for a variety of pipe diameters. With four different tooling stations on board, the tool facilitates a wide range of potential add-on tools such as water jets, grinders, and milling tools. The Pipeline Coating Removal Tool can perform a wide range of tasks (e.g., coating removal, cutting, deburring, chamfering) and the chosen configuration enables effective coating removal in any situation and of any type of coating (e.g., concrete, fusion bond, epoxy tar), pipe diameter, and required cutting profile.

Seatools developed two different configurations for the Pipeline Coating Removal Tool: a shallow water (SW) version and a deep water (DW) version. The shallow water version is designed for water depths of up to 100 msw with hydraulic power supply and high-pressure water from the surface. The deep water version, which can reach up to 3000 msw, features an integrated power pack, an underwater high-pressure water system, and sophisticated leveling functions to automatically position the cutting head in line with the center of the targeted pipe.


Purpose concept
  • Removal of pipeline coatings
  • Preparing pipe-end for repair flange
Key features
  • Broad applicability
  • Highly automated cutting operations
  • Autonomous operations, no divers required

Based on its subsea equipment development and cutting expertise, Seatools explored, developed, and reviewed several concepts, leading to the effective design of the Pipeline Coating Removal Tool. Want to learn more?

Key Features

  1. Broad applicability

    The tool was designed to facilitate handling of a broad range of pipe diameters, coatings, and conditions, and can perform a wide range of tasks. Its modular design and the possibility to easily mount a variety of add-on tools, provide a high level of operational freedom.

  2. Highly automated cutting operations

    Cutting automation greatly enhances operational efficiency and reliability: it rules out the risk of overfeeding and achieves optimal cutting speeds.

  3. Autonomous operation, no divers required

    The autonomous tool eliminates the need for divers, dramatically increasing on-site safety.

Protective subsea pipeline coating removal

Concept specifications

  • Primary purpose Removal of pipeline coatings
  • Auxiliary functionalities Preparation of pipe-end for repair flange
  • Pipe diameter range 16” - 36” (alternatives: 4” - 20” and 32” - 64”)
  • Dimensions 2100 x 2500 x 5000 mm
  • Depth rating 100 msw or up to 3000 msw
  • Circumferential cutting range 360°
  • Longitudinal cutting range 2 meters
  • Drive configuration Hydraulic (SW) or hydraulic-electric (DW)
  • Tool weight indication 3 tons (dry), 2 tons (submerged)

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