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HighWire® - Taut Wire Position Reference System

Survey grade taut wire system


A highly accurate taut wire position reference system for offshore and submerged operations

The HighWire® is a robust taut wire system deployed for offshore and submerged operations. The system can be applied for a wide range of offshore operations that require accurate and real-time positional data of submerged objects, such as during pile driving, mudmat or caisson installation, spool piece installation, and marine civil engineering projects.

The HighWire® has proven to excel in environments and under conditions that saw competing technologies – such as acoustic-based position reference systems – give way. For example, Boskalis applied the HighWire® to install sewage outfall pipes at water depths of 50 metres, in currents of up to 4 knots. In this setting, our HighWire® system realised an accuracy of 1 centimetre. This extremely high accuracy level enabled the client to make male/female connections as quickly and smoothly as possible, and save valuable operational time.

Typical applications
  • Wide range of operations that require accurate and real-time position measurement of submerged objects, such as pile driving, mudmat or caisson installation, and marine civil engineering projects
Key features
  • Highly accurate position reference system
  • Straightforward calibration
  • Unaffected by noise
Applied to
  • Sewage pipe installation - Boskalis
  • Subsea plough position - Boskalis

Our HighWire® enabled Boskalis to install sewer pipes in currents of up to 4 knots at an extremely high accuracy level of 1 centimeter, contributing to smooth operations and reduced valuable operating time. How can we empower you?

Features & Specifications

  1. Highly accurate

    The HighWire taut wire system is supplied with cable angle measurement at both departure points – surface and bottom – in addition to wire length measurement and wire tension measurement. This setup solves a set of six differential equations that describe the “true” wire catenary, and calculates an object’s position with the highest possible accuracy. Due to powerful currents, the HighWire’s high level of precision has proven to be of great value.

  2. Straightforward calibration

    With a few simple provisions, the system can easily be calibrated on-deck, without the need for high-tech tools or in-depth knowledge.

  3. Unaffected by noise

    The HighWire taut wire measurement system remains unaffected by influence from ambient noise, propulsion noise, machinery noise, etc. This allows for very accurate and reliable relative position measurement in noise-rich environments.

HighWire taut wire measurement system


  • Type of taut wire: Survey grade taut wire
  • Purpose of taut wire: Relative and absolute position
    measurement system (DGPS included)
  • Measurement range: 100 metres
  • Output data format: NMEA
  • Update rate: 10 Hz (maximum rate: 50 Hz),
    independent of water depth
  • Allowable wire velocity: 60 metres per minute


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