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Highly accurate object detection in underwater environments


Subsea proximity switches and sensors able to endure harsh operating conditions

Proxis® subsea proximity switches and sensors represent a complete range of sensors and switches that detect the presence of near objects in a highly accurate manner in underwater environments. Thanks to their solid mechanical design – made of stainless steel 316L – Proxis® sensors make a distinct contribution to dredging, maritime, and offshore applications. A high level of robustness combined with high accuracy and the potential for substantial customization, explains why the use of this sensor range for a wide variety of mission-critical subsea equipment has greatly satisfied our customers.

Our submersible proximity switches and sensors have been delivered in a wide variety of models. In addition to the most popular range, which is illustrated below, we are able to supply virtually any proximity sensor and switch; we fully adapt to your case and requirements. Next to the delivery of stand-alone sensors, Seatools delivers full-fledged subsea monitoring systems, including all related sub-systems: mechanics, software, electronics, controls, and more.

Typical applications
  • Proxis® sensors can be applied to a wide variety of dredging, offshore, and subsea equipment, such as moon pool hatches, lock gates, monitoring systems, and position detection systems.
Key features
  • Robust design
  • Highly accurate
  • Highly customizable
Applied to
  • Seatools fall pipe ROVs
  • Multiple high-accuracy subsea monitoring systems
  • 380+ Proxis® sensors delivered in 18 different configurations

During their selection process, we consult clients to ensure they opt for the right Proxis® sensor. In our recommendation, we take into consideration the required accuracy, ranges, a system’s setup, data communication, mounting possibilities, temperatures, vibration loads, and other factors that are relevant to your application.

Key Features

  1. Robust design

    Proxis® underwater proximity switches and sensors are able to withstand the most extreme of conditions, such as shock loads and vibrations that occur during dredging operations.

  2. Highly accurate

    Proxis® subsea proximity sensors have been applied to subsea monitoring systems over and over again, facilitating for very high system accuracies. The Pile Stick-up Measurement System is a case in point: the Proxis sensor played a crucial role in achieving a particularly high level of system accuracy.

  3. Highly customizable

    All Proxis® underwater proximity switches and sensors can be configured to suit your application and meet your requirements. Adjustments can be made with variations in data communication, mounting options, overload protection, measurement range settings, required quality standards and classifications, and more.

Proxis underwater proximity sensor

Other features

  • Durable design
  • Comprehensive detection range
  • Various possible mounting options
  • Delivery can include cable assembly

Proxis® sensor range





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