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Sophisticated mass flow excavators for effective excavation operations



Seatools is unique in its ability to provide any kind of mass flow excavation equipment. Our equipment ranges from basic mass flow excavators to all-electric mass flow excavators with full DP capabilities and unprecedented excavation power. Seatools’ Mass Flow Excavation solutions set the standard with their unparalleled precision, compact design, and exceptional workability.



  • Shallow- and deep-water MFE designs
  • Hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and all-electric MFE drive configurations
  • Advanced control engineering for full excavator control
Value creation
  • Innovative, fit-for-purpose mass flow excavators
  • Highly automated and controlled excavation operations
  • Short lead times in conjunction with first-time-right delivery
Track record
  • Delivered multiple innovative mass flow excavators
  • Developed a deep-water excavator (3000 meters)
  • Performed mass flow excavator tool integrations

The Carrera 4 mass flow excavation system requires only 46% of the footprint used by competing MFE spreads, and a minimum number of operators. Learn how our solutions can optimize your operations.


  • Bespoke mass flow excavators
  • Maintenance, repair, and upgrades
Bespoke mass flow excavators

You provide the case and requirements, we develop a fit-for-purpose excavator

Seatools is a distinguished expert in the development and manufacturing of fit-for-purpose mass flow excavators. Thanks to our strong engineering capabilities and background we develop any type of mass flow excavator for purposes that include wreck excavation, debris removal, pipe span correction, rock dump removal, seabed leveling, and pipeline or cable de-burial.

Mass flow excavator upgrade

Extend the performance and applicability of your existing mass flow excavator

Seatools performs maintenance, repair, and upgrading activities on Seatools-manufactured mass flow excavation equipment. Seatools performed multiple upgrading projects that enabled clients to perform excavation operations with equipment that had originally been designed for significantly different purposes. The basic mass flow excavator is a case in point.


  • Highly automated excavation operations

    Highly automated excavation operations

    Thanks to our strong control engineering capabilities, Seatools is able to develop mass flow excavation equipment that features a high degree of automation. We can, for example, incorporate fully dynamic positioning capabilities with auto-track functionality. This option allows the operator to pre-program a track for the excavator, resulting in highly accurate, productive, and safe excavation operations, especially advantageous to long-distance cable de-burial and de-burial of specific objects such as subsea manifolds.

  • Innovative, fit-for-purpose mass flow excavators

    Innovative, fit-for-purpose mass flow excavators

    We deliver innovative, fit-for-purpose mass flow excavators that significantly improve the economies of our customers’ operations. We achieve this by – among others – taking operational aspects into account, such as required deck space. The Carrera 4, for instance, covered only 46% of deck space compared to competing equipment, which yielded significant indirect operational cost reductions.

  • Short lead times in conjunction with first-time-right delivery

    Short lead times in conjunction with first-time-right delivery

    Our organization is set up in such a way that projects can be executed within a short time frame. Not only do we deliver equipment solutions extremely quickly, our engineering principles also ensure first-time-right delivery. This means our equipment functions as it should when first put to use.

Highly automated excavation operations

Would you like to discuss your project with our experts? We gladly review your project and exchange ideas in a way that takes your project forward.

Example MFE spreads

  • Carrera E (concept)
  • Carrera 4
Non contact subsea trenching method for subsea post burial inspection and rectification operations

3D motion-controlled precision flow excavation spread

630+ kW, all-electric deep-water excavator featuring Seatools’ advanced ROV DP technology. and sets the stage for unprecedented levels of accuracy, production, and workability. The patent-pending spread features 3D motion control, which enables precision excavation operations at a minimum of seabed disturbance.

Key features:

• Precision excavation
• Unprecedented workability
• Lowest total operational costs


Carrera 4 mass flow ecavator

Multi-purpose mass flow excavator

The Carrera 4 is a multipurpose mass flow excavator, an excellent choice for trenching and excavation operations. Thanks to its dual mode capability, the tool performs across a wide range of soils. Another unique feature is its plug-and-play design: the dedicated LARS enables for fast mobilization and deployment.

Key features:

• Broad applicability: multiple soil capability and adjustable trench width
• Compact design
• Plug-and-play design





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