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Technology solutions for controlled and effective offshore and subsea installation operations


Simulations, monitoring & controls, and equipment for predictable, controlled, and effective offshore and subsea installation operations

The installation of subsea and offshore assets, such as jackets or wind turbine foundations, are extremely capital-intensive operations. Interruptions, or even loss of operational control, are very costly and can create hazardous situations. To keep full control over an installation operation, it is key to incorporate the right installation tools and monitoring & control systems, over and above careful (virtual) operational planning. Seatools has a strong track record in the field of smart installation tools and systems. Our tools and systems provide full insight in and control over the installation procedure. Whether during the project planning stage by means of simulations, or during the operational stage through monitoring & control systems or installation tools: our offerings aim for predicable and controlled installation operations.

  • Subsea measurement techniques (subsea metrology)
  • Rugged (subsea) instrumentation
  • Advanced control systems, including subsea (dynamic) positioning
  • Heave and motion compensation
  • Offshore and subsea installation simulations
Value creation
  • Predictable operations thanks to simulations
  • Reliable operations thanks to rugged systems
  • Save operating time thanks to high accuracy levels and first-time-right
Track record
  • 14 successfully completed installation-related projects
  • Systems for effective offshore pile driving
  • Systems for controlled cable and pipeline installation
  • Systems for the marine civil, offshore renewables, and offshore oil & gas

Seatools enabled Boskalis to install sewer pipes in currents of up to 4 knots at an accuracy level of 1 centimeter. This high accuracy level resulted in smooth operations, and saved valuable operating time.


  • Feasibility, FMEA, and concept studies
  • Offshore and subsea installation simulations
  • Offshore and subsea installation monitoring & controls
  • Offshore and subsea installation tools and equipment
Feasbilility and conceptual design studies of subsea metrology systems

You provide the case and requirements, we seek out a solution

Seatools is experienced in the analysis and development of offshore installation tools and systems. Thanks to the studies we conduct, we ensure the appropriate equipment is selected or developed for a specific installation assignment. If monitoring & control instrumentation is concerned, our studies take into account a wide array of factors. This includes the required functionalities and accuracies, noise, currents, vibrations, back-up and redundancy strategies, data and power transmission, handling and installation, available development time, and interfacing. During this stage, we may apply our simulation capabilities in order to investigate feasibility or performance. The deliverable often concerns a system conceptual design that includes a detailed technical and operational description of the system.

Offshore and subsea installation simulations

Offshore and subsea installation simulations

Seatools is capable of performing simulations of the critical parts of an offshore installation operation. Given a particular vessel motion spectrum, for example, we can perform simulations of seabed interaction effects during asset touchdown, including related behavior of the hoisting arrangement. By performing these types of simulations, dangerous situations like slack wires can be identified at an early stage, facilitating the determination of an allowable operating window. Together with our trusted business partners, furthermore, we provide interactive, real-time simulators and visualizations that facilitate the validation of procedures and operator training.

Offshore and subsea installation monitoring and controls

Gain real-time insights in and control over your offshore installation operations

Seatools’ installation monitoring & control systems provide real-time insights in and control over your installation operations. Thanks to our expertise in subsea measurement and positioning, control engineering, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) design, we ensure your offshore assets are installed in the right position and orientation. Not only can we monitor positional data, we can measure virtually any other relevant offshore installation-related physical quantity.

Offshore and subsea installation tools and equipment

Innovative tools and equipment for critical installation operations

In addition to providing equipment to monitor and control the installation process, Seatools also provides the tools and installation equipment itself. Our core competence – the development and manufacturing of subsea equipment – results in the delivery of high-quality, tailor-made offshore and subsea installation equipment. Our experience with subsea remote vehicle technology, for example, in combination with our creative design skills, yields installation tools and equipment that allow for uninterrupted installation procedures. We deliver turn-key equipment, along with operator training programs.


  • Keeping control under the severest of conditions

    Rugged offshore installation instrumentation

    Because of our background in the design and manufacturing of dredging monitoring systems that get subjected to extremely harsh operating conditions such as strong vibrations, Seatools acquired extensive expertise on the design and manufacturing of rugged offshore equipment. The Pyrodriver monitoring & control instrumentation is a case in point. This alternative pile driving system is based on the use of explosives, meaning the instrumentation has been successfully subjected to extreme shock loads.

  • Efficient operations thanks to high accuracy levels

    In some cases, a high measurement accuracy can generate considerable value. The HighWire taut wire system, for example, achieved an accuracy level of 1 centimeter. This extremely high accuracy level allowed Boskalis to make male-female connections as quickly and as smoothly as possible, which helped save valuable operating time. By means of incorporating our own sensor range, simulations, and advanced algorithms, we enable highly accurate subsea metrology. Our sensors, simulations, and algorithms correct for measurements errors induced by currents and waves, temperature, and density differences.

  • Flexibility and short lead times, yet first-time-right delivery

    Functional testing offshore and subsea installation equipment

    We understand that installations and use of instrumentation are part of a bigger operation and have to fit in a larger plan. Furthermore, time for the design and manufacturing of the monitoring & control system is limited in certain cases. This requires flexibility and short lead times. Our organization is set up and our culture was developed in such a way that these stringent requirements can be met. In addition, not only are our equipment solutions delivered within a short time frame, our engineering principles also guarantee first-time-right delivery. We perform extensive functional testing in a representative configuration in order to ensure proper performance upon delivery.

Rugged offshore installation instrumentation


We believe these concepts will improve your offshore and subsea installation operations

How can we help you achieve predictable, controlled, and effective offshore or subsea installation operations? Our experts gladly discuss and advise on potential solutions for your project.

Standardized installation tools and systems

Field-proven tools and measurement systems

  • HighWire – Taut wire position reference system
  • Template leveling system
HighWire - Taut Wire System for Boskalis

Accurate positional data under harsh conditions

The HighWire is a robust taut wire system for offshore and submerged operations. The system can be applied in operations that require accurate and real-time positional data of submerged objects, such as during pile driving, mudmat or caisson installation, spool piece installation, and marine civil engineering projects.

Key features:

• Unprecedented measurement accuracy
• Operable in any environment: above surface, subsea, splash zone, or mixed
• Unaffected by noise


Template leveling system for efficient subsea template leveling.jpg

Reduce costly pile driving interruptions

This subsea template leveling system facilitates significant offshore time savings thanks to real-time monitoring of template inclinations. Leveling of subsea templates used to be a time-consuming activity, generally performed by a diver or inspection ROV reading the individual levels at the sensors on a template’s various corners.

Thanks to the introduction of the template leveling system, this approach has now become obsolete. The fully shockproof system provides real-time measurement of the template’s height differences at a remote read-out unit. In practice, this solution has proven to be effective, reliable, and accurate.

Our real-time template leveling system saved Seaway Heavy Lifting significant amounts of time by reducing the time required to perform level measurements. How can we improve your operations?



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