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Highly accurate and reliable (relative) position measurement of submerged objects


High-quality taut wire systems for accurate position measurement in on- and offshore environments

Whether the coordinates of a subsea cable, a position reference for a DP system, or the position of submerged tunnel segments – the absolute and/or relative position of (submerged) objects are generally of vital importance to the successful completion of a subsea operation. A taut wire is a highly reliable subsea metrology technique that provides detailed insight in the position of a submerged object. Seatools supplies various taut wire systems of unprecedented accuracy, which enables our clients to improve their operational efficiency and the quality of the work they deliver. Our taut wire systems stand out thanks to sophisticated algorithms that correct for catenary effects caused by (e.g.) currents and gravity. We combine our algorithms with highly accurate sensor technology and refined mechanical designs.

  • Taut wire systems for DP systems
  • Taut wire systems for position measurement of (submerged) objects
  • Subsea metrology systems
Value creation
  • Unprecedented measurement accuracy
  • Straightforward installation and calibration
  • Operable in any environment: above surface, subsea, splash zone, or mixed
Track record
  • Systems for the marine civil, offshore renewables, and offshore oil & gas
  • Delivered multiple systems for offshore installation projects
  • Delivered systems for subsea cable installation projects

Our HighWire enabled Boskalis to install sewer pipes in currents of up to 4 knots at an extremely high accuracy level of 1 centimeter, contributing to smooth operations and reduced valuable operating time.


  • Straightforward installation and calibration

    Taut wire systems with highly automated calibration procedures

    Calibration can be performed in a highly automated manner: the system can be calibrated on deck, immediately before an operation, and without the need for high-tech equipment or in-depth knowledge.

  • Efficient operations thanks to unprecedented measurement accuracy

    Highly accurate taut wire subsea metrology system

    Our taut wires achieve unprecedented levels of measurement accuracy. With the use of algorithms that correct for catenary effects caused by (e.g.) currents and gravity and a combination of high-accuracy sensors with balanced mechanical designs, we are able to reach previously unattainable levels of accuracy. In practice, these extreme accuracy levels have proven to enable smooth installation operations, saving valuable offshore time.

  • Operable in any environment: above surface, subsea, in a splash zone, or mixed

    Taut wire position reference system in splash zone

    Multiple-zone operability has obvious benefits for subsea cable-laying processes in beach-landing areas and shallow waters where a measured object (e.g. a cable plough) travels from one zone to the next. Traversing zones does not affect the taut wire, whereas other positioning reference systems, such as a USBL, are not able to function under these circumstances.

Taut wire systems with highly automated calibration procedures

Standardized taut wire systems

Field-proven system, also available for rent

  • HighWire® – Taut wire position reference system
HighWire - Taut Wire System for Boskalis

Accurate positional data under harsh conditions

The HighWire is a robust taut wire system for offshore and submerged operations. The system can be applied in operations that require accurate and real-time positional data of submerged objects, such as during pile driving, mudmat or caisson installation, spool piece installation, and marine civil engineering projects.

Key features:

• Unprecedented measurement accuracy
• Operable in any environment: above surface, subsea, splash zone, or mixed
• Unaffected by noise


How can our taut wire systems help you achieve accurate and effective offshore and subsea installation operations? Our experts gladly discuss and advise on potential solutions for your project.





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