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Technology for precision subsea rock installation


Seatools designs, manufactures, and upgrades a broad range of subsea rock installation equipment

Seatools has an extensive track record in the field of subsea rock installation equipment. Our experience ranges from equipment for inclined fall pipe systems, such as monitoring systems, to equipment for fall pipe installations, like fall pipe ROVs. Our subsea rock installation technologies distinguish themselves by facilitating precision rock dumping at local rock placement accuracies of up to 10 centimeters. This accuracy level and control over the rock-dumping process is enabled by our capabilities in advanced control engineering and maximizes our clients’ operational efficiency.

  • Equipment for fall pipe rock installation
  • Equipment for inclined fall pipe rock installation
  • Fall pipe ROV dynamic positioning for full positional control
Value creators
  • Technology for precision rock installation
  • Enhanced operational efficiency thanks to innovative solutions
  • Highly reliable equipment
Track record
  • Global market leader in the field of fall pipe ROVs
  • Extensive experience in SRI monitoring systems
  • Seabed leveling solutions

The extremely high accuracy levels of Seatools’ ROV control systems allow for dynamic positioning of a 25-ton fall pipe ROV within 10 centimeters, resulting in minimum rock spillage. Does your operation require accuracy?


  • Bespoke rock-installation equipment
  • Maintenance, repair, and upgrades
  • Fall pipe ROV simulators
Subsea rock installation ROV

Equipment solutions with full control over the rock-installation process

Seatools has an extensive track record in the development and delivery of innovative, turn-key equipment related to subsea rock installation. As we frequently partner with our clients in the development of equipment solutions, we combine our clients’ knowledge on operational aspects with our capabilities in subsea equipment development and creative approach. A key aspect of the equipment solutions we develop is the full control they provide over the rock installation process, irrespective of operational conditions. Because our solutions facilitate accurate rock depositing, they cause a minimum of rock spillage, and therefore yield maximum operational efficiency.

Maintenance repair upgrades on rock installation equipment

Extend the performance and applicability of existing rock-installation equipment

Seatools performs maintenance, repair, and upgrading activities on self-manufactured as well as on third-party subsea rock installation equipment. Seatools performed multiple upgrading projects on fall pipe ROVs that enabled clients to perform tasks far beyond the original purpose of their ROV.

Rock dumping ROV simulator

Gain proficiency faster and experience abnormal situations in a controlled environment

Seatools is experienced in the development and delivery of real-time mission simulators that facilitate effective operator training. These real-time ROV simulators avoid expensive and risk-bearing training at sea, and facilitate exact planning of subsea rock installation operations. Seatools’ on-board simulators allow a crew to practice and prepare for jobs during transits, which maximizes the use of their time.


  • Able to deliver innovative equipment

    Innovative fall pipe ROV

    Thanks to our advanced engineering capabilities, Seatools conceptualizes, designs, and delivers highly innovative equipment that pushes the boundaries of our customers’ operational efficiency. The Rockpiper FPROV with integrated inspection ROV, is a case in point.

  • Equipment for precision rock dumping

    Equipment for precision rock dumping

    Our fall pipe ROVs facilitate a great degree of control over the rock-dumping process. Rocks can be deposited with great precision irrespective of water depths, which allows for optimal rock usage. As a side effect, minimal rock spillage maximizes linear speeds during rock dumping, which saves valuable vessel time.

  • Highly reliable equipment

    Reliable equipment for seabed leveling

    Thorough implementation of our first-time-right principle – which includes extensive virtual testing through simulations and extensive factory testing – allows for the delivery of extremely reliable and sustainable equipment, and yields a minimum of downtime.

Innovative fall pipe ROV


We believe these concepts allow for effective subsea rock installation

Do you need to create a well-equalized layer of rock on the seabed? Contact our experts to discuss how our solutions can take your project forward.

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