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Subsea pressure compensation and subsea storage

Reliable subsea storage of liquids and pressurization of hydraulic systems


From basic ROV pressure compensators to large-volume, permanently subsea-situated liquid storage solutions

Seatools houses a large knowledge base in the field of subsea pressure compensation and subsea storage of liquids. This knowledge we acquired by not just selling compensators, but also incorporating them in all of our own projects. This means our underwater pressure compensator and storage designs contain more than 15 years of experience and knowledge gained from internal design reviews and field feedback.

Based on our knowledge base, we developed a high-quality standardized subsea compensator range over time, and provide appropriate pressure compensators for virtually every application. However, we are also able to design and build custom-made subsea pressure compensators and subsea fluid reservoirs for any specific application and technical requirement.

  • Subsea pressure compensation and compensators
  • Subsea Chemical Storage Systems (SCSS)
  • Subsea hydraulic systems
Value creation
  • An offering that extends beyond compensators and reservoirs
  • A solution for every application
  • High-quality solutions
Track record
  • Delivered numerous subsea compensators and reservoirs
  • Delivered subsea compensators with an MTTF of more than 20 years
  • Development of permanently situated liquid storage systems

We advise our clients in the selection, installation, and use of our compensators and storage systems. We do so, taking into account pressure and temperature ranges, filling levels, entrapped air, fluid behaviors, and other factors. Learn more?


  • Feasibility and conceptual design
  • Standardized subsea compensators
  • Custom compensators and fluid reservoirs
  • Subsea compensator maintenance and repair
Conceptual design of subsea storage system

Pursuing optimal subsea pressurization and storage solutions

Seatools is capable of and experienced in the performance of (conceptual design) studies to analyze and develop highly specific subsea pressure compensators and subsea liquid storage solutions. This type of studies is typically applied to highly distinct applications, such as subsea chemical storage systems (SCSS) for subsea production facilities. Example subjects include FMECAs, refilling strategies, subsea hydraulic leakage detection, fluid barrier options, interfaces, instrumentation, and controls.

Standardized Seatools subsea compensators

A range of field-proven subsea compensators

Our standardized subsea compensator series are field proven, highly reliable compensators that can be applied to a wide range of subsea applications. All our designs are based on numerous years of field experience gained from the compensators installed on our fall pipe ROVs, which operate under harsh conditions. Our compensators come with a wide variety of possible configurations and options.

Custom made subsea compensator for ROV application.JPG

Subsea compensators and subsea fluid reservoirs that meet your specifications

Seatools has a strong track record in the design and delivery of custom-made subsea compensators and subsea fluid storage systems. Our made-to-order compensators and fluid storage systems can be designed in accordance with any specification, with variations in required pressure-volume characteristics, mechanical load, temperature levels, types of fluids, required redundancy, and quality standards.

Maintenance, repair and upgrades on underwater hydraulic compensators

Maintain safe pressure levels throughout your subsea hydraulic system

We perform maintenance on and repair self-manufactured as well as third-party subsea hydraulic compensators and fluid storage systems. In addition to compensators and reservoirs, we also handle subsea hydraulic systems.


  • An offering beyond compensators and fluid reservoirs

    Control systems for subsea liquid storage and complete hydraulic systems

    Not only do we deliver subsea pressure compensators and fluid reservoirs – we also supply related hydraulic components and systems such as subsea HPUs, hydraulic filters, and valve boxes. Beyond this offering, we provide complete hydraulic systems that including all related systems such as mechanics, software, electronics, and controls. In order to guarantee first-time-right delivery when a system is commissioned, we also simulate electro-hydraulic systems from front to back.

  • A solution for every application

    A hydraulic compensator or subsea fluid reservoir solution for every application

    Thanks to four different compensator ranges, Seatools can provide subsea pressure compensation for nearly every application. In case our standard compensators do not meet your requirements, we design and deliver custom-made compensators and fluid storage systems, which are optimized for your needs.

  • High-quality solutions

    High quality subsea hydraulic compensators and subsea reservoirs

    During the past 15 years, our compensators have been used across the board. The feedback we received from our clients has resulted in subsea compensators of the highest quality level.

Control systems for subsea liquid storage and complete hydraulic systems

Standardized compensator and reservoir series

4 different field proven series

  • Basic series
  • Advanced series
  • Ultralong lifetime series
  • Subsea liquid storage series
Basic series subsea hydraulic compensators

Cost-effective compensator of a light-weight design

A range of cost-effective underwater pressure compensators featuring a light-weight design and volumes ranging from 0.6 to 6 liters. Because mass constitutes an important criterion in the construction of an ROV, our light-weight basic series compensators are a perfect match for ROV applications.


Advanced series underwater hydraulic compensators

Largely customizable high-end subsea compensator series

High-end subsea hydraulic compensators with compensation volumes ranging from 0.6 to 15 liters. Time-proven, highly reliable, and solid designs that facilitate relatively high overpressures. Largely customizable, with options for hydraulic connections, electric connections, level measurement, and more.


Ultralong lifetime subsea compensators for subsea control modules

Compensator series for permanent subsea applications

Hydraulic compensators for (semi-)permanent subsea applications, such as a control fluid reservoir for subsea production systems or subsea mining equipment. Thanks to their ingenious design, a minimum of moving parts is exposed to sea water, which results in a compensator lifetime of over 20 years. Compensator capacities range from 0.7 to 250 litres.


Custom subsea compensators and reservoirs

Subsea storage of liquids and pressurization of large-volume hydraulic systems

This subsea storage unit is specifically designed for longterm storage of hydraulic fluids and compensation of large-volume subsea hydraulic systems. Example applications include:

• Control fluid storage open-loop PCS
• Subsea chemical storage
• Subsea transformer and VSD pressure compensation
• Volume compensation large volume actuators

Please contact our sales department for more information.

Related technology

Seatools is a one-stop shop for subsea hydraulics: in addition to subsea compensators and reservoirs as well as various other subsea hydraulic components, we provide complete subsea hydraulic systems.



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