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Subsea ChemicalStorage System

Reduce umbilical CAPEX


Seatools’ SCSS: Facilitating reliable subsea storage of production chemicals

Seatools’ Subsea Chemical Storage System (SCSS) facilitates safe and long-term subsea storage of commonly used production chemicals (e.g., inhibitors and biocides). For offshore exploration and production companies, the technology yields a significant reduction of oilfield development costs through reduced capital expenditures related to umbilicals. During the conceptual design process, various storage principles were evaluated and analyzed, and a broad range of performance criteria were considered. Considerations included durability, reliability, chemical compatibility, (efficiency of) the refilling strategy, leakage monitoring and control, required instrumentation, and the resulting OPEX and CAPEX of the overall subsea chemical storage and injection configuration (as opposed to conventional topside architecture).

Our background in subsea engineering and, more specifically, subsea hydraulics, proved highly valuable in the development of the SCSS. Its thorough design process resulted in a system characterized by ruggedness, reliability, and durability. Storage modules are equipped with permanent double fluid barriers that consist of a liner material featuring very high chemical compatibility with commonly used production chemicals. The unlikely event of a barrier leak is directly detected and the system allows for the determination of the flow rate. The SCSS features leakage control, which prevents substances from leaking into the environment. Finally, special attention is paid to storage station refilling, as refilling operations profoundly impact the financial feasibility of the overall concept of subsea storage and injection of production chemicals. In this light, we considered such factors as transportation, offshore and subsea handling, and the resulting OPEX.

  • Long-term storage of production chemicals in subsea environments
Key features
  • Reliable and durable design
  • Permanent double fluid barrier
  • Facilitates effective refilling

Key features

  1. Reliable and durable

    Enabled by a high compatibility level with commonly used production chemicals, minimum use of components, seals, and connectors, and a design that is insensitive to marine growth.

  2. Permanent double fluid barrier

    Highly reliable double fluid barrier that remains unaffected by incidentally elevated temperatures of stored chemicals.

  3. Facilitates effective refilling operations

    Three different refilling strategies can be implemented. The conceptual design stage considered various criteria, including compatibility with regular road transportation, offshore and subsea handling, and the crossing of the splash zone.

Subsea Chemical Storage System - for long term storage of production chemicals

Other features

  • Design lifetime of 25 years
  • Direct and accurate fluid level monitoring
  • Direct and accurate leakage monitoring
  • Overpressure detection and protection

Ruggedness, reliability, and durability characterize Seatools’ Subsea Chemical Storage System (SSCS).  Learn more about the SSCS by contacting our experts.

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