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Effective subsea cable and pipeline (de-)burial by means of bespoke subsea trenching solutions


Seatools offers a variety of customized subsea trenching solutions to suit diverse needs

Seatools is unique in its ability to provide a wide range of customized subsea trenching equipment. Paired with our extensive expertise in subsea excavation, our robust subsea equipment engineering empowers us to develop a diverse array of subsea trenching vehicles. We develop and deliver:

• Mechanical trenchers
• Jet trenchers
• Cable ploughs

In addition to complete subsea trenching vehicles, we also offer trenching (performance) upgrades, modifications, and maintenance services. As shown by the lead times of various past projects in this field, Seatools designs, manufactures, and modifies trenchers in a very short period of time thanks to its flexible approach.

  • Jet trenching, mechanical trenching, subsea ploughing
  • (de-)burial of subsea cables and pipelines in pre- and post-lay conditions
  • Control systems for trenching automation
Value creation
  • Innovative, fit-for-purpose trencher designs
  • Flexible and short lead times
  • Trencher designs based on standardization
Track record
  • Delivered multiple innovative cable and pipeline trenchers
  • Performed multiple trencher upgrading projects
  • Delivered custom subsea trencher in 7 months: from scratch to FAT

Would you like to discuss your project with our experts? We gladly review your project and exchange ideas in a way that takes your project forward.


  • Feasibility, FEED studies, and concept studies
  • Bespoke trenching equipment
  • Hydraulics, Electronics, & Controls
  • Upgrades
Subsea trenching conceptual design

You provide the case and requirements, we seek out a solution

Seatools is capable of and experienced in the performance of early-stage studies for the development of fit-for-purpose subsea trenchers. The studies we conduct ensure that the most optimal seabed trenching solution is developed given a particular set of customer (performance) criteria. Typical subjects and criteria include required (economically feasible) progress velocity, deployment methods, required trench profiles, soil conditions, terrain conditions, wear behavior, cable or pipeline properties, operating conditions, and CAPEX/OPEX behavior of potential solutions.

Bespoke subsea trenching equipment

Innovative trenching equipment, fit for your purpose

Seatools developed a distinguished track record regarding the development and delivery of innovative, custom-made subsea trenchers. Our knowledge of subsea equipment design, dredging technology, and control engineering, in combination with our creativity, leads to the development of highly effective, custom-made seabed trenchers. Upon delivery, our equipment is ready for use, and includes operator training programs.

Subsea hydraulic and electronics for subsea trenchers

A preferred partner for subsea hydraulics, electronics, and controls

Seatools serves as a valuable subsea technology partner, transforming clients’ trencher concepts into reality through the delivery of comprehensive subsea hydraulic, electronic, and control systems. In these collaborative projects, we handle the engineering, construction, and integration of the entire subsystems, ensuring the seamless operation of client-designed trenchers.

Subsea jet trencher upgrade

Upgrade the performance and applicability of your existing subsea trenching equipment

Seatools performs upgrade projects on self-manufactured as well as on third-party subsea trenching equipment. Seatools performed multiple upgrading projects that enabled clients to perform trenching projects with equipment originally designed for significantly different purposes. The Oceanjet 900 is a case in point. Here we successfully transformed a free-flying ROV trencher into a tracked vehicle that achieved a significant increase of trenching speed.


  • Innovative, fit-for-purpose trencher designs

    Fit for purpose subsea trencher designs

    By taking into consideration our clients’ (performance) criteria, we deliver effective trenching solutions that significantly improve the overall economies of our customers’ operations. Our strongly innovative capacity enables us to deliver subsea trenching equipment for any purpose or criterion: from soft-soil to hard-rock capability, and from self-propelling ROV trenchers to towed sleds. The highly innovative Arthropod trencher and the Jetting Bull trencher are cases in point.

  • Unprecedented reliability levels

    Subsea hydraulics and control for jetting trencher

    Thorough implementation of our first-time-right principle – which includes extensive virtual testing through simulations and extensive factory testing – allows for the delivery of extremely reliable and sustainable equipment, and yields a minimum of downtime.


    Trencher designs based on standardization

    Not only are we able to deliver tailor-made subsea trenchers, we also make sure to deliver vehicles in an effective way. This is thanks to our extensive technology toolbox that contains standardized modules and components. The benefits of our approach are manifold: short lead times, competitive pricing, and reliable and proven technology thanks to predictable performance.

Fit for purpose subsea trencher designs

The Jetting Bull towed jet trencher offers an intelligent control system that interacts with the vessel DP system, resulting in continuously optimized cable laying speeds. Learn how we can enhance your operations.

Example trenching spreads

  • Carrera E – Precision flow excavator
  • Carrera 4 – Mass flow excavator
Non contact subsea trenching method for subsea post burial inspection and rectification operations

3D motion-controlled precision flow excavation spread

630+ kW, all-electric deep-water excavator featuring Seatools’ advanced ROV DP technology. and sets the stage for unprecedented levels of accuracy, production, and workability. The patent-pending spread features 3D motion control, which enables precision excavation operations at a minimum of seabed disturbance.

Key features:

• Precision excavation
• Unprecedented workability
• Lowest total operational costs


Carrera 4 subsea excavation system

Multi-purpose mass flow excavator

The Carrera 4 is a multipurpose mass flow excavator, an excellent choice for trenching and excavation operations. Thanks to its dual mode capability, the tool performs across a wide range of soils. Another unique feature is its plug-and-play design: the dedicated LARS enables for fast mobilization and deployment.

Key features:

• Broad applicability: multiple soil capability and adjustable trench width
• Compact design
• Plug-and-play design




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