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Carrera EPrecision Flow Excavation Spread

Introducing a new level of productivity


Game-changing technology for precision flow excavation

Following an extensive market review and R&D program, Seatools introduces the highly innovative Carrera E precision flow excavator. Relying on value drivers ranging from Seatools’ extensive knowledge and capabilities in the field of subsea excavation, to advanced control technologies (such as AHC and ROV DP), as well as to all-electric technology, Seatools’ newly launched high-tech subsea excavation spread represents a radical break with current MFE spreads. The (patent-pending) tool sets the stage for a whole new level of productivity, accuracy, and safety, and will reduce clients’ costs of subsea excavation operations.

Similar to Seatools’ fall pipe ROVs, the Carrera E features full DP capabilities, including functionalities like Auto-track, Follow-target, and Auto-survey. The dedicated AHC LARS complements these DP capabilities, resulting in full 3D motion control, which in turn allows for precision flow excavation. The benefits are clear: increased production levels thanks to minimal off-track excavation, reduced environmental impact through minimization of seabed disturbance, and maximized workability in harsh environmental conditions, such as strong currents and heave conditions.

Introduction paper Carrera E

Learn more about the MFE market, technologies, and possibilities.

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Purpose technology
  • Non-contact subsea excavation at surgical precision regardless of environmental conditions
Key features
  • Precision excavation
  • Unprecedented workability
  • Lowest total operational costs

The patent-pending spread features 3D motion control, which enables precision excavation operations at a minimum of seabed disturbance. Learn more?

Key features

  1. Precision excavation

    No more “blowing holes in an uncontrolled way.” The Carrera E’s 3D motion control and highly accurate, all-electric drive system enables surgical subsea excavation operations, regardless of environmental conditions. Boosting production levels, removing unnecessary seabed disturbance, and eliminating the risk of physical contact with the product (e.g., a cable).

  2. Unprecedented workability

    Both in terms of environmental conditions – such as currents and heave conditions – as well as encountered soil conditions. The spread’s employability is unprecedented.

  3. Lowest overall cost

    By any standard, the spread minimizes the total costs of excavation operations thanks to clients’ ability to use smaller vessels and fewer operators, incur less downtime, rely on integrated survey capabilities, and achieve higher productivity rates.

non contact subsea excavation method for Deburial, reburial operation mass flow excavation

Key specifications

  • Installed power 630+ kW
  • Dredge power 520 kW
  • Depth rating 3000 msw
  • Spread footprint 3 x 20 ft container
  • Drive configuration All-electric
  • Positioning Full-DP
  • Integrated jetting Yes
  • Deployment AHC LARS or vessel crane

Smaller vessels, smaller crew sizes, integrated survey capabilities, a higher power rating, and greater workability: reduce the total costs of your excavation operations by up to 50%.

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