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Subsea hydraulic power for every application


Seatools provides subsea hydraulic power by means of standardized and custom-made subsea HPUs

Thanks to our background in the design and construction of extremely reliable ROVs that are able to endure the toughest conditions, Seatools acquired a strong capacity and knowledge base in the development of reliable, compact, and efficient subsea HPUs. Because subsea hydraulic power units represent a critical system in the assembly of an ROV, our background has helped us develop a strong sense for the appropriate balance between redundancy level and the cost of achieving redundancy.

We are not only capable of delivering subsea hydraulic power units for the propulsion of subsea vehicles; we also design and build various other types of subsea HPUs, such as for subsea control modules, monitoring and control systems, dredging applications, and ROV tooling. The combination of our standardized product range with our customized offering guarantees our ability to provide subsea hydraulic power for any of your applications.

  • Subsea HPUs for any subsea application, including: subsea vehicles, control systems, dredging equipment, ROV tooling
  • Subsea HPUs for Subsea Control Modules (SCM)
  • Subsea hydraulic systems
Value creation
  • A suitable subsea HPU for every application
  • An offering that extends far beyond SHPUs
  • Modular designs for easy installation and maintenance
Track record
  • Delivered 50+ subsea HPUs
  • Delivered SHPUs from 200 W to 300 kW
  • Battery-powered subsea hydraulic power packs

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  • Delivery of standardized subsea HPUs
  • Delivery of custom-made subsea HPUs
  • Feasibility and conceptual design
  • Subsea HPU maintenance and repair
Standardized subsea hydraulic power units including pressure compensation 2022

A range of field-proven subsea power units

Our standardized subsea power units are field proven, highly reliable subsea power packs that can be applied to a wide range of subsea applications. Our designs are based on numerous years of field experience gained from installing SHPUs on our fall pipe ROVs – which operate under harsh conditions – and our power packs come in a wide variety of possible configurations and options. Furthermore, Seatools supplies auxiliary hydraulic system components such as compensators, hydraulic filters, and pressure pods. Upon request, we deliver turnkey, tailor-made subsea hydraulic systems for your application.

Custom made subsea hydraulic power units

Subsea power units that meet your specifications

Seatools has an extensive track record in the design and delivery of custom-made subsea hydraulic power units. We have delivered subsea HPUs in a wide variety of configurations, and with power ratings ranging from 0.2 kW to 400 kW. Our customized power units can be designed to meet any specification, with variations in required flow and pressure outputs, depth rating, allowable weight and size, applied hydraulic fluids, cooling, required redundancy, and quality standards.

Subsea HPUs - Feasibility studies and conceptual design

Pursuing optimal subsea hydraulic power supply solutions

Seatools is capable of and experienced in conducting (conceptual design) studies to analyze and/or develop highly specific subsea power units. This type of studies is typically applied to one-of-a-kind applications, such as SHPUs that power Subsea Control Modules (SCM). Example study subjects include redundancy level / CAPEX optimization, application of unconventional control fluids, interface studies, failure behavior optimization, durability, and power management.

Subsea HPU maintenance and repair

Preserve the performance of your subsea power unit

We perform maintenance and repair on self-manufactured as well as on third-party subsea hydraulic power packs. In addition to our power units, we also perform maintenance and repair on full-fledged subsea hydraulic systems.


  • A suitable subsea HPU for every application

    An appropriate subsea HPU for every application

    Thanks to the combination of our standardized product range and our ability to deliver custom-made HPUs, we can supply a subsea power pack for every application. We deliver SHPUs ranging from simple and rugged versions able to perform in vibration-intensive environments (such as subsea trenchers) to highly redundant SHPUs for subsea control modules with an MTTF of more than 20 years. These highly redundant SHPUs are designed in compliance with ISO13628-6 and the appropriate SIIS levels.

  • One-stop shop for subsea hydraulics

    One stop shop on subsea hydraulics

    On top of providing subsea hydraulic power units, Seatools is supplier of all related components, such as subsea hydraulic filters and compensators. In addition, we provide full-fledged hydraulic systems (including controls) and can simulate an entire electro-hydraulic system in order to guarantee first-time-right delivery when the system is commissioned.

  • Modular designs for easy installation and maintenance

    Modular SHPU designs for easy installation and maintenance

    Our modular SHPU designs feature hydraulic piping. This facilitates easy connection to and removal from subsea vehicles and systems, thus enabling effective installation and maintenance.

An appropriate subsea HPU for every application

Seatools is a one-stop shop for subsea hydraulics. Our offer includes subsea HPUs, related components such as subsea compensators and hydraulic filters, and full-fledged subsea hydraulic systems.

Standardized SHPUs

Plug-and-play units

Special purpose subsea HPUs

  • Subsea Control HPU
Subsea HPU for subsea control system SCM 2 kWjpg

Reliable subsea hydraulic power for PCS

The Seatools’ Subsea Control HPU is specifically developed for the supply of low-pressure (LP) and high-pressure (HP) fluids to the Subsea Control Module (SCM) on the XMT to control the hydraulically operated valves on the XMT and the Down Hole Safety Valve (DHSV) and any down hole choke/sliding sleeve.

Key features:

• Designed according to highest quality standards
• Designed to be permanently situated subsea (20+ years design lifetime)
• Applicable to a wide range of fields and conditions



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