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Remotely OperatedMort Collector – ROMoC

Ensures a clean pen surface at minimum effort


Highly automated mort collection system for offshore fish farms

The Remotely Operated Mort Collector (ROMoC) is a highly automated mort collection system that was designed for large-scale offshore fish farms in particular. The mort collector is based on a simple yet effective design, which is backed by advanced positioning control algorithms to ensure the complete pen surface is covered within 24 hours. This results in a healthy fish farm environment that prevents disease transmissions, and thus keeps mortality rates low.

Thanks to the effective design of the ROMoC, which includes a launch and recovery system, the system requires 20 kW of installed power and a platform footprint of 6 m2 only. This means the system’s impact on the setup of the fish farm is kept at an extreme low. This, in combination with very little required operational and maintenance efforts thanks to high levels of automation, results in a highly attractive fish farm cleaning solution that suits every offshore fish farm.

Purpose concept
  • Dead fish collection at large-scale offshore fish farms
Key features
  • Full pen coverage within 24 hours
  • Minimal impact on primary farming operations
  • Minimal impact on the fish farm’s setup
Concept status
  • Under development – Proof of concept

Covering of the pen surface within 24 hours ensures a healthy fish farm environment and realizes a minimum of mortality rates. How can we improve your fish farm operations?

Key Features

  1. Full pen coverage within 24 hours

    Because the system relies on sophisticated control algorithms, the ROMoC vehicle is capable of covering the complete pen surface in less than 24 hours. This ensures a healthy fish farm environment, and thus minimizes mortality rates.

  2. Minimal impact on primary farming operations

    The high level of automation, in combination with a dedicated LARS, results in a minimum of required operational and maintenance efforts on the side of the crew. The collector can operate autonomously for as long as 10 – 12 hours, which allows the crew to focus on the farm’s primary operations.

  3. Minimal impact on the fish farm’s setup

    The system’s lightweight and compact design reduces the space required to operate it. With a footprint of as little as 6 m2, and a power requirement of less than 20 kW, deploying the ROMoC does not demand any drastic changes in the setup of a farm.

ROMoC mort collector for effective dead fish collection

Other Features

  • Facilitates complete recovery for disinfection of the entire device
  • Thoroughly developed and tested
  • Universal design
  • Cost-competitive solution

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