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Highly reliable subsea compensator range based on a solid mechanical design

Subsea compensator range that incorporates 15 years of field feedback

The advanced series represents a number of hydraulic compensators that feature time-proven, highly reliable, and solid designs. They incorporate 15 years of experience and (field) feedback. Because of their high reliability and capability to cope with harsh operating conditions, we applied these compensators successfully in many of our own ROVs and other subsea vehicles.

In addition to our hydraulic compensators, we also deliver complete subsea (hydraulic) solutions. Please contact our sales department to discuss your particular challenge.

Typical applications
  • Subsea equipment operating in harsh subsea environments. Typical applications include trenchers, ROVs, subsea excavators, submerged hydraulic dredging equipment, oil-filled electronics cabinets
Key features
  • Highly reliable thanks to solid mechanical design
  • High degree of customization
  • Facilitates relatively large (over)pressures
Applied to
  • Fall pipe ROV – ROV 6
  • Fall pipe ROV – ROV 7
  • Fall pipe ROV – Flintstone

To ensure that the right size and type of compensator is selected, we advise our clients during the selection process. We do so, taking temperature ranges, pressure ranges, filling levels, entrapped air, fluid behaviors, and other factors into account.

Key Features

  1. Highly reliable through solid mechanical design

    Enabled by carefully selected materials, optimised mechanical design, and incorporation of numerous years of field feedback and experience.

  2. High degree of customization

    The advanced range can be configured depending on your application and requirements. Adjustments can be made with variations in hydraulic connections, electric connectors, oil level measurement, relief valves, discharge collectors, mounting components, required quality standards and classifications, and maximum operating depths.

  3. Facilitates relatively large (over)pressures

    Because of our compensators’ solid mechanical designs, relatively large overpressures can be applied to the hydraulic system. This results in significant benefits, such as easier air extraction and a decreased risk of seawater ingress.

Advanced serie subsea compensator

Other Features

  • Transparent housing allows for visual oil condition inspection
  • Durable design through well considered material selection
  • Able to cope with extreme temperatures (and fluctuations)
  • Available with low/low-low indication or highly accurate oil level measurement
  • Virtually any data communication interface possible

Advanced Compensator Range

Industrial quality compensators

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