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Subsea Storage ControlFluid – Engineering study

Subsea liquid storage solution for production control systems


The development of a reliable and durable subsea liquid storage technology

Seatools client Statoil aspires to have developed all elements required for a subsea factory by 2020. Innovative subsea oil and gas processing plants will be situated on the seabed, regardless of distance from the shore, depth, and water temperature. Subsea factories require the power to actuate various control valves through local SHPUs, as an alternative to expensive umbilicals supplied from the surface. Local SHPUs, however, require a subsea storage unit for the storage of hydraulic fluids.

Seatools was asked to perform an engineering study of the conceptual design of such a subsea storage unit for control fluids. The study included an analysis of the required controls and instrumentation, refilling strategies, and a cost estimation. By using several different assessment and design methodologies – such as Kesselring diagrams and FMEA – we were able to develop a satisfactory concept for the subsea storage of control fluids best suited for this particular application.

Project scope
  • Engineering study of the conceptual design of a subsea storage system. Study included refilling strategies, FMEA and economic analysis
Delivery date
  • October, 2014
Project duration
  • 6 months
  • Statoil

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Features & Specifications

  1. Reliable and durable design

    Overpressure is generated through a highly reliable construction.

  2. Multiple filling methods

    Depending on case-specific variables, two methods for reservoir refilling are available.

  3. Modular design

    In order to create the desired reservoir capacity, the unit was designed such that it facilitates the installation of multiple reservoirs in parallel. The groups of reservoirs can be combined to provide an assortment of fluids (control fluids as well as chemicals) and fulfil all on-site requirements. The resulting subsea chemical storage system is compatible with ROV intervention.

Subsea storage of control fluid
  • Storage purpose Storage of control fluids for PCS
  • Storage volume 1 m3 per reservoir
  • Design lifetime 20 years
  • Depth rating 3000 msw
  • Maximum discharge pressure 0.5 bar
  • Level sensor ISO 13628-6 sensor

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