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Deep sea mining equipment Seatools crawler

Subsea mining vehicle – Patania II

Project duration: 6 months

Client: GSR

The world’s first subsea mining vehicle to collect manganese nodules from the seabed at full ocean depth.

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Piling template seaway 385

Piling template – PIF

Project duration: 5 months

Client: Seaway Heavy Lifting

Piling instrumentation and control system for pre-piling template

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Active heave compensator for OAS gangway

Active heave compensator – OAS Control System

Project duration: 9 months

Client: Offshore Solutions

Control system for the first heave-compensated gangway in the industry

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Active heave compensator applied to LARS

Retrofit LARS – AHC upgrade project

Project duration: 7 weeks

Client: Deepocean

From passive to active heave-compensated LARS

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Rotax underwater angular position sensor

Subsea Diamond Wire Saw – Barracuda

Project duration: 7 months

Client: 1Diamond

All-electric diamond wire saw, executed with a high degree of cutting automation.

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Subsea chemical storage

Subsea Storage Control Fluid – Engineering study

Project duration: 6 months

Client: Statoil

Subsea liquid storage solution for production control systems.

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Ultralong life subsea pressure compensator prototype

Ultra-long lifetime prototype compensator

Project duration: 9 months

Client: Siemens AS

Compensator for 20 years of uninterrupted seafloor performance.

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Rockpiper remotely operated vehicle

Fall pipe ROV – Rockpiper

Project duration: 11 months

Client: Boskalis

A revolutionary step in the field of SRI thanks to the introduction of integrated survey ROV technology Rockpiper.

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Fall pipe ROV - Flintstone

Fall pipe ROV – Flintstone

Project duration: 13 months

Client: DEME

Multi-functional fall pipe ROV with highly reliable ROV architecture.

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Arthropod 600 - subsea pipeline trencher

Subsea pipeline trencher – Arthropod 600

Project duration: 7 months

Client: MRTS

The Arthropod 600 is a highly innovative subsea pipeline trencher suitable for both pre- and post-lay subsea trenching.

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ROCM - Underwater cleaning machine for marine growth removal

Remotely Operated Cleaning Machine – ROCM

Project duration: 6 months

Client: DCN

Safe and rapid marine growth removal from power plant cooling water intakes.

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ROHP II multi-purpose inspection ROV

Multi-Purpose Inspection ROV – ROHP II

Project duration: 18 months

Client: Rijkswaterstaat

Versatility that drives value creation.

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Deep water excavation grab - GES

Deep Water Excavation Grab – GES

Project duration: 13 months

Client: Boskalis & Tideway

Grab Excavation System: deep-sea dredging with very high accuracy.

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Subsea cable trencher – Jetting Bull

Subsea cable trencher – Jetting Bull

Project duration: 5 months

Client: Van Oord

A highly effective subsea cable trencher.

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