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Subsea cable trencher – Jetting Bull

A highly effective subsea cable trencher


A truly pioneering vehicle in the field of subsea trenching

The Jetting Bull is one of the first towed subsea cable trenchers ever built – a truly pioneering project in the field of subsea cable trenching at its time of completion. Still today, the machine features a very effective design because of its tubular frame’s dual functionality. Not only does the frame transfer the towing forces, it also transports jetting water to the jetting fingers.

Project scope
  • Delivery of complete subsea cable trenching system, including towed subsea cable trencher, umbilical winch (including AR capability), control cabinet, pumps
Delivery date
  • April, 2001
Project duration
  • 5 months
  • Van Oord

The Jetting Bull towed jet trencher offers an intelligent control system that interacts with the vessel DP system, resulting in continuously optimized cable laying speeds. Learn how we can enhance your operations.

Features & Specifications

  1. Multipurpose frame design

    Facilitates both force transfer and jet fluid transfer.

  2. Variable jet finger distance

    The distance between the two jet fingers can be adjusted on the go, as the trencher cruises the seabed, without the need to interrupt the trenching process. Jet finger adjustment may be desirable when cables include joints or repeaters.

  3. Optimal cable laying speeds

    The trenching spread features a winch with auto-render functionality. When used, the winch will pay out automatically at a pre-set maximum tension, preventing exceedance of the pre-set tension level. The trenching system interacts with the vessel’s DP system, and sends a signal to the system if the maximum pre-set tension level is surpassed. This will automatically lower the vessel’s speed. As a result, cable laying speeds are continuously optimised, and adjusted to the maximum pre-set towing force.

Subsea cable trencher


  • Type of trencher: Towed jet trencher
  • Purpose: Subsea cable trenching
  • Trenching depth: Up to 5 meters
  • Maximum cable diameter: 200 millimeters
  • Soil capability: Sand and clay up to 100 kPa
  • Dry weight: 12 MT
  • Water depth: 100 meters

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