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Subsea DiamondWire Saw – Barracuda

All-electric diamond wire saw, executed with a high degree of cutting automation.


The first dedicated all-electric subsea diamond wire saw designed as response tool in water depths of up to 3000 msw

The Barracuda is a response tool that was specifically designed for subsea cutting in emergency situations. During the development of this saw two criteria were of paramount importance. Firstly, reliability – the saw needs to perform at any time – and secondly, flexibility – the saw must be able to make a cut in any situation, irrespective of water depth, material, diameter, or object orientation. This resulted in an all-electric underwater diamond wire saw, executed with a high degree of cutting automation and various (mechanical) features that help cut the connection between seafloor and platform.

Project scope
  • Design and delivery of subsea diamond wire saw
Delivery date
  • August, 2014
Project duration
  • 7 months
  • 1Diamond

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Features & Specifications

  1. Ultra-reliable subsea saw

    Thanks to permanent measurement of variables such as wire force, cutting speed, and wire wear, the process is continuously adjusted. This guarantees safe working levels and the highest degree of system reliability. In addition, the saw’s unique cutting technology causes its wire to rotate continuously, which prevents machine pinching.

  2. Applicable in any situation

    The saw’s mechanical design allows the operator to cut objects under any inclination and separate the clamp from the saw in order to cut through several successive objects without the need for recovery. Furthermore, the unique subsea diamond wire cutting technology in combination with the saw’s highly automated control system facilitate cuts through any type of material, irrespective of design and material.

  3. Unique cutting technology

    The Barracuda saw incorporates unique subsea diamond wire cutting technology. The technology ensures maximum use of the diamond wire saw, and achieves predictive cutting performance.

Barracuda underwater diamond wire saw


  • Type of equipment: Underwater diamond wire saw
  • Purpose: Emergency response tool
  • Drive configuration: All-electric
  • Depth rating: 3000 meters
  • Installed power: 140 kW
  • Pipe diameter range: 30 – 42 inches

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