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Remotely OperatedCleaning Machine – ROCM

Safe and rapid marine growth removal from power plant cooling water intakes.



Safe cooling water intake cleaning operations at minimal power plant downtime

Our client DCN was contracted to clean four cooling water intakes at Hong Kong’s Black Point power plant. The square-shaped intakes were subject to significant (bio-)fouling, which resulted in an increased wall roughness and reduction of the inner pipe diameter. The consequential reduction in available cooling capacity resulted in head loss, which led to a cutback in overall capacity.

The end customer’s main concern – to perform the cleaning job safely and at a minimum power plant downtime – required the design of a dedicated underwater cleaning machine. Its task: to remove and transport the 25-centimeter-thick layer of marine growth (mussels) within a minimum time span. During the development stage, Seatools developed and tested various cleaning principles before selecting a scraper-based principle for the final design of this highly automated cleaning machine. The remotely operated machine proved very successful: the ROCM cleaned a 400-meter-long tunnel in as little as 80 hours.

Project scope
  • Design and delivery of two complete autonomous cleaning machines including power supply and control container
Delivery date
  • October, 2003
Project duration
  • 91 days
  • DCN

The ROCM removed a 25-centimeter-thick layer of marine growth in a 400-meter-long power plant cooling water intake in as little as 80 hours. How can we maximize your cleaning operations?

Features & Specifications

  1. Facilitates safe cleaning operations

    The ROCM eliminated the need for dangerous diver-performed cleaning operations.

  2. Minimum power plant downtime

    The high level of installed power, highly automated cleaning operations, and effective cleaning principle facilitated large cleaning capacities, which yielded a minimum of power plant downtime.

  3. Highly automated cleaning operation

    Only one operator is required to monitor the fully automated process. Sensors inform the operator of the machine’s status and its performance, allowing for process speed optimization.

Effective marine growth removal by ROCM underwater cleaning machine


  • Type of equipment: ROV for marine growth removal
  • Purpose: Cleaning of power plant cooling water intakes
  • Drive configuration: Hydraulic - electric
  • Installed power: 140 kW
  • Range: 420 meters
  • Maximum channel dimensions: 2.5 m x 2.5 m (rectangular)

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