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Specialist manufacturer of tailor-made Remotely Operated Vehicles and Tools


Specialist manufacturer of ROVs for Industrial Excellence

Seatools is unique in its ability to design and manufacture ROVs and ROTs tailored for a wide range of challenging industrial applications. Throughout the years we have built a strong track record as a ROV manufacturer. In many cases, our innovative ROV designs have resulted in significant improvements in our customers’ operational efficiency. The Rockpiper fall-pipe ROV, with integrated inspection ROV to perform rock installation and survey in a single pass, is a case in point.

Thanks to our engineering principles, we deliver first-time-right vehicles at a minimum of required commissioning times. During the design stage, a detailed simulation model of the entire ROV – including sub-systems – is created. In order to ensure proper performance of the ROV under any condition, and to pre-tune the control system prior to commissioning so as to save valuable vessel time, this model is extensively tested in a virtual world.

  • ROVs and ROTs for industrial applications
  • ROV components and sub-systems
  • ROV control systems, automation, and simulators
Value creation
  • Efficient operations thanks to excellence in vehicle dynamic positioning and automation
  • ROV designs based on standardization
  • Effective operations thanks to fit-for-purpose vehicles
Track record
  • Delivered more than 15 tailor-made ROVs
  • ROV dynamic positioning accuracy of 10 cm with 25 mT ROV
  • Revolutionary integrated inspection ROV technology

The extremely high accuracy levels of Seatools’ ROV control systems allow for dynamic positioning of a 25-ton fall pipe ROV within 10 centimeters, resulting in minimum rock spillage. Does your ROV operation require accuracy?


  • Feasibility, FMEA, and concept studies
  • Components and sub-systems
  • Bespoke ROVs
  • Maintenance, repair, and upgrades
  • ROV simulators
Feasibility, FMEA and ROV concept engineering

You provide the case and requirements, we seek out a solution

Seatools is capable of and experienced in the performance of early-stage studies for the development of fit-for-purpose ROVs and ROTs. The studies we conduct typically explore the feasibility of required performance criteria as set by the customer, and help ensure optimal vehicle configuration. Other typical subjects concern CAPEX / redundancy level ratio optimization, operational sequence analysis, load case analysis, and operational automation analysis.

ROV parts, components, sensors, and sub-systems

Field-proven ROV components and sub-systems

Seatools delivers both standardized and custom-made ROV components and sub-systems. When it comes to subsea hydraulic ROV parts, we deliver thrusters, compensators, and power packs. When it comes to subsea electronic ROV parts, we offer a wide variety of sensors,  terminations, and e-pods. Seatools not only provides ROV components but also delivers the complete drive and control chain, spanning from surface controls to subsea actuators and sensors. Our capacity to supply the entire chain, encompassing various interconnected disciplines such as electronics, controls, and hydraulic, delivers substantial value to our clients by eliminating interface risks.

AUV and ROV manufacturer - bespoke solutions

Turnkey delivery of fit-for-purpose ROVs

To be able to design and manufacture a wide range of industrial ROVs, Seatools combines an extensive toolbox of standardized ROV components and sub-systems, all required engineering disciplines, and broad experience regarding ROV technology. Our track record contains various examples of innovative ROV solutions that enables our customers to perform their operations in a highly efficient way. The Rockpiper FPROV with integrated survey ROV is a case in point. The Rockpiper enabled Boskalis to achieve significant operational cost savings as it facilitates direct post-process surveys.

ROV maintenance, repair, and upgrades

Extended performance thanks to ROV maintenance, repair, and upgrades

For ongoing client support and maintenance of Seatools ROVs, we perform repairs, maintenance, and upgrades throughout the lifespan of the vehicles. We executed multiple upgrading projects on fall pipe ROVs, for example. Our work enables our clients to perform tasks that stretch far beyond the original purpose of their ROVs.

One stop shop ROV supplier includes delivery of ROV simulators

Gain proficiency faster and experience abnormal situations in a controlled environment

Seatools is experienced in the development and delivery of real-time ROV simulators used for effective operator training. Real-time ROV simulators avoid expensive and risky training at sea, and allow for exact planning of operations. Our on-board simulators make good use of employees’ time: they enable practice and preparation for jobs during transit.


  • Efficient operations thanks to excellence in vehicle dynamic positioning and automation

    Efficient operations through ROV dynamic positioning excellence

    In order to minimize rock spillage, our clients in the field of subsea rock installation demand for the highest possible ROV positioning and navigation accuracy. As a result, throughout the years we have developed ROV control systems and related simulation models which allow for outstanding ROV positioning and navigation accuracies. This results in highly accurate and automated ROV operations, thus saving valuable vessel time and relieving operator from exacting labor.

  • Effective operations thanks to fit-for-purpose vehicles

    Bespoke AUV and ROV systems for commercial, scientific and military purposes

    Our strongly innovative capacity enables us to design and deliver tailor-made ROVs and ROTs for a wide range of industrial applications. Fit-for-purpose configurations can vary in performance specifications, including in depth rating, payload, tidal conditions, and auxiliary power requirements. The ROHP is a case in point of a highly customized ROV: the many tasks that our client required can be performed by a single ROV, which results in highly effective operations.

  • ROV designs based on standardization

    ROV designs based on standardization

    Not only are we able to deliver tailor-made ROVs, we also make sure to deliver vehicles in an effective way. This is thanks to our extensive technology toolbox that contains standardized modules and components. The benefits of our approach are manifold: short lead times, competitive pricing, and reliable and proven technology thanks to predictable performance.

Efficient operations through ROV dynamic positioning excellence

Would you like to discuss your project with us? Our experts gladly discuss and advise on potential solutions for your project.

Standardized ROV components and sub-systems


  • Hydraulic thrusters
  • Subsea HPUs
  • ROV compensators
  • ROV sensors
ROV hydraulic thrusters for ROV propulsion

A range of field-proven hydraulic thrusters for reliable ROV propulsion

Seatools offers a range of reliable hydraulic thrusters for ROVs that come as ready-to-use assemblies and include a drive arrangement. Our thruster are proven designs, and have been incorporated in many of our ROVs. Not only do we supply the thruster hardware itself, Seatools can also perform ROV propulsion design engineering.

ROV hydraulic power unit

Reliable ROV hydraulic power thanks to proven subsea HPU designs

Building upon proven designs, Seatools delivers subsea hydraulic power units (SHPUs) for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their customizability, modular design, and high reliability, our subsea hydraulic power packs are an excellent choice for your ROV applications.


ROV hydraulic compensators

Industrial-quality subsea hydraulic compensators

With three subsea hydraulic compensator series, Seatools is able to provide an appropriate subsea hydraulic compensator for every ROVs hydraulic system. While our basic hydraulic compensator series features a light-weight design to reduce ROV mass when this is an important design criterion, our advanced and ultralong lifetime compensator series ensures that ROVs can operate in the harshest of offshore and dredging environments.


Extensive range of ROV sensors including ROV depth sensors and rov pressure sensors

Extensive range of field-proven ROV sensors

Seatools developed an extensive range of ROV sensors known for their robustness, reliability, and accuracy. Our sensors have been successfully applied to many Seatools as well as third-party subsea vehicles.

The range includes rotation angle sensors, ROV pressure sensors, ROV depth sensors, inclination sensors, and proximity switches. A variety of versions are available for each sensor, varying in water depth applicability, electric connections, sizes, materials, mounting options, and more.


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