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Rugged subsea compensator series for extreme conditions


Compensator range able to withstand the most severe operating conditions

Although operating conditions in the offshore and dredging industry are rough to begin with, certain operations put even higher pressures on teams and their equipment. Shock loads, vibrations, temperature variations, and dirt result in particularly profound impacts on mechanical assemblies. To enable proper operations of a hydraulic system under these harsh conditions, Seatools developed the heavy-duty compensator series. These subsea compensators are constructed from stainless steel, and withstand the most extreme of conditions. A case in point is the Grab Excavation System. In the context of this project, Seatools successfully applied its heavy-duty compensators.

Typical applications
  • Heavy-duty subsea equipment operating in harsh operating conditions including shock loads, vibrations, and dirt.
Key features
  • Designed for the toughest offshore and subsea operating conditions
  • Highly reliable design
  • High degree of customization
Applied to
  • Grab Excavation System – GES
  • Subsea pipeline trencher – Arthropod 600
  • Fall pipe ROV – Flintstone

To ensure that the right size and type of compensator is selected, we advise our clients during the selection process. We do so, taking temperature ranges, pressure ranges, filling levels, entrapped air, fluid behaviors, and other factors into account.

Key Features

  1. Designed for the toughest operating conditions

    The heavy-duty series compensators excel in extreme operating environments. They withstand impacts from shock loads, vibrations, temperature variations, and dirt.

  2. Highly reliable design

    Our heavy-duty compensators have been constructed from stainless steel, and their designs incorporate our extensive knowledge about subsea pressure compensators.

  3. High degree of customization

    The heavy-duty range can be configured according to your application and requirements. Adjustments can be made with variations in hydraulic connections, electric connectors, oil level measurement, relief valves, discharge collectors, mounting components, required quality standards and classifications, and maximum operating depths.

Heavy-duty series subsea compensators

Heavy-duty compensator range

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