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Ultralong lifetime compensators

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Compensator range designed for 20 years uninterrupted seafloor performance

The ultralong lifetime series compensators have been designed to provide continuous pressure compensation to permanent subsea installations. They have a design life of more than 20 years. Typical applications include subsea production facilities, such as subsea HPUs, power transformers, switch gears, variable speed drives, and subsea storage of chemicals.

The required design life of 20+ years demanded for an unconventional mechanical design, as the exposure of moving components to the environment must be reduced to a minimum. During the development stage, each detail of the design has been considered with great care: ranging from corrosion protection details to long-term material behaviour of every component. Their qualification was successfully completed, and according to API 17N standards, the compensator currently achieves TRL level 6.

  • Designed to provide continuous pressure compensation to permanent subsea equipment such as SHPU for SCM’s, switch gear, power transformers and variable speed drives.
Key features
  • Durable design: MTTF of more than 20 years
  • Designed, tested, and qualified at the highest industry quality standards
  • High degree of customization
Applied to
  • SHPU for SCM
  • Stone Dump Tool Instrumentation – SDT

To ensure that the right size and type of compensator is selected, we advise our clients during the selection process. We do so, taking temperature ranges, pressure ranges, filling levels, entrapped air, fluid behaviors, and other factors into account.

Key Features

  1. Durable design: MTTF of more than 20 years

    Thanks to their innovative design, the moving parts of our compensators get minimum exposure to the marine environment. In order to achieve a design life of more than 20 years, compensators have been made highly insensitive to marine growth and corrosion.

  2. Developed at the highest industry quality standards

    In order to ensure a 20 years uninterrupted seafloor performance, this compensator was subjected to extensive testing and qualification programmes, including pressure testing, functional testing, temperature testing, contamination testing, and dynamic operations testing.

  3. High degree of

    The ultralong lifetime compensator can be configured according to your application and requirements. Adjustments can be made with variations in hydraulic connections, electric connectors, oil level measurement, relief valves, discharge collectors, mounting components, required quality standards and classifications, and maximum operating depths.

Ultralong life subsea pressure compensator


  • Level measurement (various grades)
  • Advanced testing programs
  • Surface treatment
  • Water / glycol version
  • Adjusted pressure gradient
  • Protection cover
  • Double fluid barrier

Ultralong lifetime compensator range

Next to our standardized series, Seatools offers custom-made hydraulic compensators that are tailored to your specifications. Please contact our sales engineers to discuss your requirements.


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