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DipMate® Essential – Backhoedredging monitoring system

Essential insights for efficient dredging

Cost-competitive backhoe dredging monitoring system providing full insight

The DipMate® Essential is a 3D backhoe dredger monitoring and registration system that can be (retro)fitted on virtually any backhoe or dipper dredger. The system – fourth generation at present – visualizes and registers the dredging process in real time, and facilitates achieving high dredging tolerances at a minimum of over-dredging. The DipMate Essential system is designed to excel in common dredging environments known for intense dirt, humidity, and vibrations.

With 60+ DipMate systems active in the field, DipMate® is the backhoe dredging monitoring and control system of choice for operators around the world. An achievement that is largely attributed to 16 years of field feedback processed in an ever-more capable system. As a result, the system contains a well-developed and operator-friendly MMI, including all available functionalities for effective backhoe dredger monitoring.

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Typical applications
  • Light- to medium-duty backhoe and dipper dredgers
  • Larger, land-based excavators
Key features
  • Highly accurate for minimum of over-dredging
  • Compact and easy to integrate
  • Cost-competitive system
Applied to
  • 60+ DipMate® systems active in the field

With 60+ DipMate® systems active in the field, DipMate® is the monitoring and registration system of choice for backhoe dredger operators around the world. Want to increase your productivity as well?

Key features

  1. Highly accurate for minimum of over-dredging

    Our DipMate® systems are known for their high levels of accuracy. Among others, we incorporate sensors of the highest quality throughout the entire backhoe dredging visualization system to achieve these levels.

  2. Compact and easy to integrate

    The compact size of the DipMate Essential leaves sufficient room in the operator cabin – even in cabins of smaller-sized land excavators.

  3. Cost-competitive

    The new, fourth-generation DipMate® series is entirely based on digital sensor technology and features a simple yet effective system architecture. This combination yields a cost-effective system that includes all essentials for efficient backhoe dredging.

DipMate Essential dipper dredger visualization system

Other features

  • Highly reliable system
  • Safe dredging thanks to integrated warning functionalities
  • Highly customizable MMI
  • High update rate for accurate and smooth process visualization
  • Wide range of (terrain) data exchange possibilities
  • 24/7 support for all systems in the field
  • Remote access for effective troubleshooting
  • Ergonomic operator screen featuring high brightness

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