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High-end dredging and subsea excavation equipment for effective excavation operations


Innovative bespoke excavation solutions with a high degree of control over the excavation operation

With a track record of pioneering devices such as the Carrera 4 subsea excavator, GES, Arthropod, and Jetting Bull, Seatools established itself as a manufacturer of highly sophisticated and innovate subsea excavation and dredging tools. A common denominator in our sophisticated seabed excavation tools is the great value they offer to our customers: sometimes because of an enabling technology, such as in the case of the GES, while at other times because of a significant reduction of an operation’s total cost, such as in the case of the Carrera 4. The unique combination of our creativity, advanced control engineering capabilities, and in-depth dredging expertise, results in value-creating subsea excavation solutions that provide our customers with a competitive edge.

  • Advanced control systems for dredging and excavation (including haptics)
  • Hydraulic and mechanical dredging technology
  • Subsea mining
Value creation
  • Innovative, fit-for-purpose, equipment solutions
  • Highly automated excavation operations: full control and operation optimization
  • Short lead times and first-time-right delivery
Track record
  • Hydraulically based equipment such as mass flow excavators and jetting trenchers
  • Mechanically based equipment such as cutter trenchers, rock trenchers, and grabs
  • Diver-operated, ROV-operated, and remote vehicle excavation solutions

The GES enabled Boskalis and Tideway to excavate at a water depth of 150 meters with production rates of 150 m3/hour in 750 kPa stiff clay at an accuracy level of 20 centimeters. How can we empower you?


  • Feasibility, FMEA studies, and conceptual design
  • Bespoke turn-key excavation equipment
  • Maintenance, repair, and upgrades
Experimentation on deep water dredging concept

You provide the case and requirements, we seek out a solution

Seatools is capable of and experienced in the performance of studies that analyze and develop subsea excavation technologies. The studies we conduct help ensure the appropriate equipment is selected or developed for a particular assignment. During a study, we take into consideration factors such as the required (economically feasible) production rates, deployment methodology, required dredging accuracy, soil conditions (e.g. stiffness, homogeneity, or presence of boulders), allowable turbidity, currents, and CAPEX/OPEX behavior of potential solutions. Studies can also include laboratory testing, such as performed during the GES project.

Subsea excavation and dredging tools

Innovative equipment solutions, tailored for your job

Seatools has an extensive track record in the development and delivery of innovative, turn-key underwater excavation equipment. Our knowledge of subsea equipment designs, dredging technologies, and control engineering, in combination with our creativity, leads to the development of highly effective, custom-made dredging tools. Upon delivery, our equipment is ready for use, and includes operator training programs.

Upgrade on exsiting dredge tool

Extend the performance and applicability of your existing subsea excavation equipment

Seatools performs maintenance, repair, and upgrade activities on self-manufactured as well as on third-party seabed excavation equipment. Seatools performed multiple upgrading projects that enabled clients to perform seabed intervention projects with equipment that had originally been designed for significantly different purposes.


  • Innovative, fit-for-purpose equipment solutions

    Innovative subsea excavator

    We deliver innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions that significantly improve the economies of our customers’ operations. We achieve this by – for example – taking operational aspects into account, such as required deck space. The Carrera 4 subsea excavator, for instance, covered only 46% of deck space compared to competing equipment, which produced significant indirect operational cost reductions.

  • Highly automated excavation operations

    Highly automated underwater excavation equipment

    Thanks to our strong control engineering capabilities, we develop underwater excavation equipment that yields a high degree of automation. This gives our clients full control over the dredging process, while achieving optimal production rates and dredging accuracy. The GES is a case in point: the operator only has to enter the coordinates, after which the grab fully automatically takes the next bite at the desired location.

  • Short lead times in conjunction with first-time-right delivery

    First time right subsea excavation equipment

    Our organisation is set up in such a way that projects can be executed within a short time frame. The total lead time for the custom-made Arthropod trencher, for example, was as little as seven months: from scratch to FAT. Not only can we deliver equipment solutions within a short time frame, our engineering principles also ensure first-time-right delivery.

Innovative subsea excavator

Would you like to discuss your project with our experts? We gladly review your project and exchange ideas in a way that takes your project forward.

Standardized excavation equipment

Subsea excavators and dredging tools

  • Carrera E – Precision flow excavator
  • Carrera 4 – Mass flow excavator
  • Carrera D – Diver dredge tool
  • PDT – Pile Dredge Tool
Non contact subsea trenching method for subsea post burial inspection and rectification operations

3D motion-controlled precision flow excavation spread

630+ kW, all-electric deep-water excavator featuring Seatools’ advanced ROV DP technology. and sets the stage for unprecedented levels of accuracy, production, and workability. The patent-pending spread features 3D motion control, which enables precision excavation operations at a minimum of seabed disturbance.

Key features:

• Precision excavation
• Unprecedented workability
• Lowest total operational costs


Carrera 4 subsea excavation system

Multi-purpose mass flow excavator

The Carrera 4 is a multipurpose mass flow excavator, an excellent choice for trenching and excavation operations. Thanks to its dual mode capability, the tool performs across a wide range of soils. Another unique feature is its plug-and-play design: the dedicated LARS enables for fast mobilization and deployment.

Key features:

• Broad applicability: multiple soil capability and adjustable trench width
• Compact design
• Plug-and-play design

Carrera D diver dredge tool

High-performance diver dredge tool

A diver-operated dredge tool that surpasses conventional “air lift” systems (both in performance and operational range) by delivering equal performance across a variety of depths, including shallow waters. The diver can adjust the tool to match local soil conditions, prioritizing either high eductor flow or high nozzle pressure.

Key features:

• Superior production rates
• Dredging performance unaffected by water depth
• Match local soil conditions through easy flow adjustment

Pile dredge system for soil plug removal

A simple and versatile pile dredge tool

In response to rising demand for effective pile dredging operations, Seatools developed a new pile dredge tool. The tool is designed such that it is capable of excavating a broad range of pile diameters and soil conditions. In terms of efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, the pile dredging tool yields high excavation performance, which leads to short excavation times and cost-effective pile excavation operations.

Key features:

• Broad applicability
• Simple, cost-effective design
• Plug-and-play design


The Carrera 4 mass flow excavation system requires only 46% of the footprint claimed by competing MFE spreads, and a minimum number of operators. Learn how our solutions can optimize your operations.



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