Basic series subsea compensator installed on subsea monitoring system


Cost-effective compensator of a light-weight design


Ideally suited for applications in which weight constitutes an important performance criterion

The basic series compensator range was designed for applications that require minimum weight as an important or even decisive performance criterion. Typical applications are inspection, working-class, and other types of ROVs. The basic series compensators can be executed with various types of electric connectors and mounting components. Please contact our sales department to discuss your specific use and requirements.

In addition to our hydraulic compensators, we also deliver complete subsea (hydraulic) solutions. Please contact our sales department to discuss your particular challenge.

Typical applications
  • Subsea equipment for which weight is an important performance criterion, such as subsea monitoring systems, ROVs, subsea saw systems, and oil-filled electronics cabinets.
Key features
  • Lightweight design
  • Cost competitive pricing
  • Low-level warning
Applied to
  • Inspection ROV – Rockpiper
  • Subsea monitoring system – TSMS
  • Subsea diamond wire saw - Barracuda

To ensure that the right size and type of compensator is selected, we advise our clients during the selection process. We do so, taking temperature ranges, pressure ranges, filling levels, entrapped air, fluid behaviors, and other factors into account.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight design

    The basic series compensators offer an excellent volume-to-weight ratio. They are ideally suited for situations in which weight constitutes an important performance criterion.

  2. Cost-competitive design

    Thanks to its simple and effective design, the basic compensator is delivered at a competing price.

  3. Low-level warning

    Basic series compensators are available with a low level switch.

Basic series subsea compensator

Basic series compensator range



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