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Active Heave Compensation– Cranes

Gain full control over your lifting operations

From turn-key crane AHC retrofit projects to OEM solutions for crane manufacturers

Seatools provides a full range of active heave compensation solutions for both existing and newly built offshore and subsea cranes. Our crane active heave compensation solutions provide reliable and accurate control over your offshore lifting operations – even during severe weather conditions, yielding in a minimum of weather-related downtime.

Seatools distinguishes itself by its ability to provide turn-key and (cost-)effective active heave compensation solutions for cranes. Our approach is characterized by all complementary engineering disciplines (such as mechanical, hydraulic, software, and electrical engineering) under a single roof, advanced simulation capabilities that shorten lead and commissioning times, and standardized AHC control modules. Our fit-for-purpose approach ensures that customers are provided with optimal solutions that fully honor their case requirements.

Scope of supply
  • Ranging from turn-key crane AHC upgrades to crane OEM AHC solutions
Key features
  • One-stop shop
  • Short lead and commissioning times
  • Cost-effective solutions
Track record
  • A broad array of retrofit and OEM projects
  • Turn-key systems that include mechanical, electric, hydraulic, and software systems

Our approach to cost-effective AHC upgrade solutions for cranes: a detailed assessment of client case and requirements, advanced simulations, standardized control modules, and all required engineering disciplines under one roof. Want to know more?

Key features

  1. One-stop shop

    Because we do not only have a strong control engineering department, but also house the complementary engineering disciplines such as mechanical, hydraulic, software, and electrical engineering, clients can outsource full-fledged (upgrade) projects to a single supplier. This benefits quality and lead times first of all, but also means that projects are performed in a far more cost-effective way and shifts the burden of additional project management away from our clients.

  2. Short lead and commissioning times

    The auto-tuning functionalities that are integrated in our HeaveMate® controllers identify optimal settings, thus enabling significant reductions in commissioning times. Because we simulate each case, moreover, we predict a system’s performance under any condition. This means only fine-tuning is required on site.

  3. Cost-effective

    Both our retrofit projects and our OEM solutions are executed in a verycost-effective manner thanks to simulations that shorten expensive commissioning times, our extensive experience base and control algorithm library, and because we host all required engineering disciplines under a single roof.

Active heave compensated crane package

Other Features

  • Various operational modes available (e.g. C.T.)
  • Thoroughly tested and fail-safe controllers
  • Applicable to wide range of new and existing cranes
  • Remote access for diagnostics and troubleshooting


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